How Clean Is Your House?

Many people ask how a small cleaning company based in Sussex became involved with the surprise hit TV series called How Clean Is Your House…


Kim and Aggie from How Clean Is Your House with David Holland from Double Dutch Services
Kim & Aggie, the Queens of Clean, pictured here with 'Dirtbuster Dave'

We received a call out of the blue from Talkback Productions looking for a carpet cleaner to work on a house not far from our base – the very first episode to be made. They were so impressed with our ability to restore what hadn’t been cleaned in 20 years that they retained us for the rest of the series. At the peak of filming we were cleaning between 1 and 2 properties for the show every fortnight travelling the length & breadth of the UK. Although all of the jobs were very grotty, one of the worst was in a home where 11 parrots were allowed to fly free around the living room. You can imagine the state of the carpet and upholstery! We anticipated shifting around 50% of the bird muck but actually managed to get it all out - sometimes we surprise ourselves. Filming continued for a number of years and in total we worked on 76 episodes. We also have cleaned the carpets at Kim and Aggie’s own homes. Sadly filming is now finished but re-runs are still shown regularly in the UK and worldwide. One of those programmes you just had to watch but hated at the same time!

If we can transform the worst, imagine what we can do for you!

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