Why Clean Your Carpets?

Did you know that your carpet and upholstery could contain
soil, bacteria, allergens, pollutants and dustmites?  Euch!

Carpet cleaning

At Double Dutch Services, our first priority is to make your carpets more hygienic and secondly improve their appearance. Maintenance and cleaning of your carpets prolongs their life and reduces the need for you to spend money on replacement.

 Improves hygiene and appearance    • Reduces the need for replacement     • The more you have done the cheaper it gets!    • Quick turnaround    • Empty property discounts

Stair Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Maintenance throughout Kent & East Sussex

The equipment we use is not the same as the type that you can get from a hire shop or supermarkets – our machines are proven to be at least 15 to 20 times more powerful than any electric machine.

We can clean your carpets in any weather – we recommend that the areas are well ventilated with a minimum of heat to facilitate the drying process. The carpets can be walked on straightaway although you may find that your socks are a little damp!

Don't Gamble When Choosing a Cleaning Company!

Not all cleaners are the same! Remember all our cleaning services come with my 100% guarantee, nothing is more important to me than your complete satisfaction. The majority of our carpet cleaning work comes from repeat business and referrals.

If we can transform the worst, imagine what we can do for you!

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