Transform Your Tile & Grout

Do you have tiled floors in your kitchen or hall?

Tile & Grout cleaning from Double Dutch Services East Sussex

Are they beginning to look grubby despite regular cleaning? Many tiled floors are laid with grout. It looks great to start with, but over a period of time, the grout can get discoloured in high traffic areas, due to a build up of ingrained dirt. Depending on the type of floor surface you have, you may just be using normal household cleaning fluid to wash the surface down as required.

Over a period of time, there can be a build up of product, and the floor can benefit from being 'stripped back' and cleaned thoroughly using our system. If you would like it to be sealed, this can be done in a high gloss or matt finish of your choice.

Eliminates cleaning product build up    • Perfect for High traffic areas
• Thoroughly cleaned of ingrained dirt    • Improves grout discolouration    • Long lasting sealant

If we can transform the worst, imagine what we can do for you!

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